Social Media Concierge | Facebook Communication Support

facebook_messenger1600Customers are using Facebook more and more to contact businesses to shop, to inquire, and to experience on a 24/7 basis.  Is your business equipped to adapt to the rapidly changing communication demands of the customer?  We have your solution.

Social Media Concierge brings a concierge-class customer experience to your business’s Facebook page.  This program manages all your Facebook communications, namely your Wall Posts, Review Responses & Escalations, and of course your Private Messages.


Use this program to:

  1. Attract new customers by engaging on the #1 social network

  2. Enhance your brand’s sophistication and Wow-factor

  3. Support existing customer requests

  4. Triage any negative reviews or customer comments before they impact other prospective customers

  5. Add a “message us now” call-to-action to your sponsored Facebook ads.


  1. Real-time responses to wall posts, reviews, and messages

  2. Leads & Alerts via email, text, or CRM

  3. Enables “Message us” as a Call-To-Action in Facebook sponsored posts & advertisements

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