Chat + Text: Enhance your mobile experience

As text messaging (SMS) traffic continues to climb in North America, consumers are using text messaging more to shop for products and communicate with businesses.  Companies that avoid text messaging functionality are stepping over a growing segment of the consumer market.

Until today your customers have either had no option to shop for a product via text message or they have two separate experiences.  If your site has texting it is in the form of a separate button, separate staffing, and separate culture apart from the Crossroads Concierge Team.  That ends today.


Today Crossroads WOW is able to deliver WOW via chat and text (sms) through the same platform.  We have merged the powerful functionality of the Crossroads Behavioral Targeting system that delivers the call-to-action of “chat” with the power of our Textstr text messaging platform.

Before (two buttons)


After (one button)

The Benefits of Crossroads Chat + Txt

Convert more text messages

One seamless customer experience

Same staff answering both chat and text requests

Free up valuable mobile screen real estate

One-click text messaging: No phone number entry

Variable call-to-action between mobile & desktop browsing

Additional Features of Crossroads Chat + Txt

Customized tabs for mobile browsers

Double opt-in meets TCPA guidelines

Customer number masking

Round-robin SMS requests

Logged transcripts & records

Start a conversation on chat (desktop) and transfer to text (mobile)

Chat, text, or fill out the form below about converting more Chat + Text messages today

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