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#5 Ford store returns to Crossroads 24/7 Concierge

It doesn’t happen often but sometimes we lose a client; it happens to the best of us.  No matter how well you craft a product or solution there are certain uncontrollables that manage to throw a wrench into the works and sometimes that means a client becomes an Alumni.  Yes, that’s our fancy way of saying…

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Protected: How to boost 5k immediately

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

9 Stupid Sales and Marketing thoughts…and a couple of truths for Auto Dealers

I can back each of these statements as wrong with research done by both myself and others over the years. 1. The people in my DMS are my customers A. Most of those people are also in several other dealer’s DMS’s 2. Event Sales add to my bottom line 3. I can use Predictive or…

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Most dealers are surprised at their geographic market history

It happened again. And it continues to happen. A dealer questions the geographic makeup of a behavioral marketing list, thinking that we have gone astray in our analysis of where his sales and service business lies, only to be shown a record of his history that shows he does not know where his business is…

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In Marketing – There is NO SILVER BULLET

Stop looking for it, stop trying to make one out of the latest ‘thing’ that you have been sold and let’s put together a road map of how an automotive dealership actually does increase their market share. First: Establish your month to month actual market share. Look at the monthly sales of new and used…

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As an organization, Crossroads is the kiss!

A wedding is nothing more than a bunch of people dressed up and staring at each other until that magic moment when the bride and groom say their vows, put the rings, on and kiss!  It’s only 10% of the whole ceremony but it’s what everyone remembers. It’s important to know what we sell and…

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Market share

Know your true market share…free

Do you know your true market share?  You may think so.  

Raising the bar for customer service

Retention through service: The WOW Effect

   Here at Crossroads, the most important people involved are, you, our clients. No matter how good we do our jobs, it all means nothing if it weren’t for your business. You are the demographic we truly aim to serve, but the only way we can prove ourselves to you is through the highest-quality service…

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Friday Fun Post

Hope you all have a great weekend! …especially after reading this amazing chat that Olivia had with a fun customer. Olivia Hello, thank you for visiting. Can I help you in any way? Visitor My dog drank a small amount of gasoline from an open can that my kid left in the garage and now…

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Nice Guys Finish First: The Importance of Great Customer Service

Here at Crossroads, we make it our goal to bring in as many customers as we can to your online dealership sites. Our job is to answer any questions that your customers might have about any cars on your lot, as well as help them with any problem they might encounter. We then transfer their contact…

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