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Why We Are Different: The subtlety of better things [in the customer experience]

In a world of “good enough” it is refreshing when you find companies that put excellence and passion into their products and services.  Company’s that distinguish themselves around value and quality often find themselves struggling on their way towards success.  Many buckle and succumb to the pressures of industry, culture decay, distraction, and other factors.…

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TOP review

Another great review

It’s a daily occurrence that we receive great customer feedback as part of our system’s five-star chat review for every conversation we have with customers and prospects on the sites that we serve.  It’s less common however that we see customers take time to post positive reviews on review sites, so when they do and…

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Culture Checkup – French for “you are beautiful”

We we often test ourselves against the competition on culture. This week we asked “How do you say ‘you are beautiful’ in French”. Here’s their answer…and ours. We have removed the names of the offenders to protect their brands…we’re nice like that. Them   Crossroads Concierge   Software can be copied but culture can’t be faked.…

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9 Stupid Sales and Marketing thoughts…and a couple of truths for Auto Dealers

I can back each of these statements as wrong with research done by both myself and others over the years. 1. The people in my DMS are my customers A. Most of those people are also in several other dealer’s DMS’s 2. Event Sales add to my bottom line 3. I can use Predictive or…

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