Culture Checkup – French for “you are beautiful”

We we often test ourselves against the competition on culture. This week we asked “How do you say ‘you are beautiful’ in French”. Here’s their answer…and ours. We have removed the names of the offenders to protect their brands…we’re nice like that. Them   Crossroads Concierge   Software can be copied but culture can’t be faked.…

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SBL-20 day

Crossroads Encore Delivers WOW Retention To Lexus Dealer in 20 days

How can you increase Retention and drive profits in less than a few weeks?  This was the question that a Los Angeles area Lexus Dealer asked us.  Our answer was to help them build an on-site Customer Concierge team using our Crossroads Encore program.  Here are the results from the first 20 days.    

9 Stupid Sales and Marketing thoughts…and a couple of truths for Auto Dealers

I can back each of these statements as wrong with research done by both myself and others over the years. 1. The people in my DMS are my customers A. Most of those people are also in several other dealer’s DMS’s 2. Event Sales add to my bottom line 3. I can use Predictive or…

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Paying big bucks for anecdotal evidence – a costly trap

Here is an experiment that has some telling implications. Ask 100 people who are looking at cars on your lot and in your showroom over the next few days where they are. Don’t ask people in service as they are more likely to be paying attention to where they are because they have already committed…

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Most dealers are surprised at their geographic market history

It happened again. And it continues to happen. A dealer questions the geographic makeup of a behavioral marketing list, thinking that we have gone astray in our analysis of where his sales and service business lies, only to be shown a record of his history that shows he does not know where his business is…

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In Marketing – There is NO SILVER BULLET

Stop looking for it, stop trying to make one out of the latest ‘thing’ that you have been sold and let’s put together a road map of how an automotive dealership actually does increase their market share. First: Establish your month to month actual market share. Look at the monthly sales of new and used…

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Market share

The 2 best ways to measure the success of direct marketing

No, the first one is not how many people came in with a mailer or to get a premium. That would be called anecdotal evidence; we’re looking for actual quantified results of your performance in relationship to how much you spend. 1. Determine the ratio of INFLUENCE the direct marketing against your dollars spent. INFLUENCE…

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As an organization, Crossroads is the kiss!

A wedding is nothing more than a bunch of people dressed up and staring at each other until that magic moment when the bride and groom say their vows, put the rings, on and kiss!  It’s only 10% of the whole ceremony but it’s what everyone remembers. It’s important to know what we sell and…

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Introducing Crossroads Encore | Outbound Call Center

en·core ˈänkôr/ noun 1.  a repeated or additional performance of an item at the end of a concert, as called for by an audience. If you are a current Partner of Crossroads or someone that has observed us from a distance you know that we march to the beat of a different drum than most…

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Market share

Know your true market share…free

Do you know your true market share?  You may think so.  

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