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Facebook Auto Marketplace | Car Shopping on Facebook

Facebook Auto Marketplace is displacing the car listing business and connecting buyers with sellers on the third largest website in the world.  Today Facebook announced that they now give dealers the ability to reach their users to sell vehicles. What Is Facebook Marketplace? Facebook Marketplace is similar to social selling & sharing sites like Craigsilst.  Historically…

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Chat Sucks: Don’t wait for conversion, make it happen with SmartChat

There’s “basic chat” (everyone else) and there’s “SmartChat” with Crossroads.  Basic chat “waits for the phone to ring” while “SmartChat” targets personalized messages to customers in a personalized way to start the right conversation, with the right customer, at the right time.  Where “basic chat” canabalizes phone and form submissions, SmartChat creates new opportunities.


Why We Are Different: The subtlety of better things [in the customer experience]

In a world of “good enough” it is refreshing when you find companies that put excellence and passion into their products and services.  Company’s that distinguish themselves around value and quality often find themselves struggling on their way towards success.  Many buckle and succumb to the pressures of industry, culture decay, distraction, and other factors.…

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Benefits of in-page chat for mobile

The desktop era is over.  Mobile shopping now makes up the majority of many retail websites.  Whether shopping for a shirt, a car or a house, the experience starts on a website and that experience is now a mobile one.  This forces us to have to consider all aspects of our mobile user experience, especially…

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4-steps to not get whacked by Google | Google Algorithm Change For Mobile Pop-ups

On August 23rd, 2016 Doantam Phan from Google announced on the Google Webmasters blog that Google will make an update this coming January that will do two things: Remove the “Mobile-friendly” tag from search results since 85% of sites are now mobile-friendly.  No big deal. “To improve the mobile search experience, after January 10, 2017, pages…

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TOP review

Another great review

It’s a daily occurrence that we receive great customer feedback as part of our system’s five-star chat review for every conversation we have with customers and prospects on the sites that we serve.  It’s less common however that we see customers take time to post positive reviews on review sites, so when they do and…

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Top Dallas Fort-Worth Toyota Store Breaks Crossroads Records

Toyota of Plano as of last year took the #29 spot in the USA as one of the highest volume Toyota dealer in the nation.  Their massive population growth coupled with their dedication to a painless and pleasant car buying experience propelled them to the top spot last year. On top of breaking records last year for…

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#5 Ford store returns to Crossroads 24/7 Concierge

It doesn’t happen often but sometimes we lose a client; it happens to the best of us.  No matter how well you craft a product or solution there are certain uncontrollables that manage to throw a wrench into the works and sometimes that means a client becomes an Alumni.  Yes, that’s our fancy way of saying…

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Protected: How to boost 5k immediately

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.


A Ripe Harvest For South Bay Lexus: Retention Met ROI

We knew October was going to be a banner month for South Bay Lexus but we didn’t know by how far.  The results are staggering. Crossroads Encore is engaged with South Bay Lexus to assist their BDC Director, Mary Coulter, to build, manage, and supercharge her Customer Concierge BDC.  Since August the numbers have been…

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