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Chat Sucks: Don’t wait for conversion, make it happen with SmartChat

There’s “basic chat” (everyone else) and there’s “SmartChat” with Crossroads.  Basic chat “waits for the phone to ring” while “SmartChat” targets personalized messages to customers in a personalized way to start the right conversation, with the right customer, at the right time.  Where “basic chat” canabalizes phone and form submissions, SmartChat creates new opportunities.


Why We Are Different: The subtlety of better things [in the customer experience]

In a world of “good enough” it is refreshing when you find companies that put excellence and passion into their products and services.  Company’s that distinguish themselves around value and quality often find themselves struggling on their way towards success.  Many buckle and succumb to the pressures of industry, culture decay, distraction, and other factors.…

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