Crossroads Encore Delivers WOW Retention To Lexus Dealer in 20 days

SBL-20 day

How can you increase Retention and drive profits in less than a few weeks?  This was the question that a Los Angeles area Lexus Dealer asked us.  Our answer was to help them build an on-site Customer Concierge team using our Crossroads Encore program.  Here are the results from the first 20 days.



With a brand new service BDC team equipped with the Crossroads Encore tailored support program we drove huge Retention, Customer Service Index, and Gross Profit dollars within three weeks time.  As momentum begins to build, month two will be even better.

What did Encore do for this store?:

  1. Developed tailored strategy for service BDC that included goals for Retention, CSI, and Gross Profit
  2. Built and executed custom training program for new on-site service BDC staff
  3. Generated daily Encore Call lists that isolated and targeted customers in database to hit objectives quickly
  4. Created cloud-based reporting dashboard to tie activity to Repair Orders and Gross Profit to measure business impact and inform tactical changes needed to achieve objectives
  5. Implemented a unique culture with the Crossroads Customer Concierge philosophy to build a brand of excellence around a customer-centric approach.

Encore did not:

  1. Install new software
  2. Disrupt existing process & procedures
  3. Miss any objectives within month 1



Interested in Encore for your service department?  Crossroads Encore begins with an Opportunity Report to show you how we can help you grow your fixed operations with a tailored support program that can include marketing, targeted call lists, and our virtual Customer Concierge support to make the calls as a representative of your store.

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Posted on September 23, 2015 in Call Center, Case Study, Encore

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