9 Stupid Sales and Marketing thoughts…and a couple of truths for Auto Dealers

I can back each of these statements as wrong with research done by both myself and others over the years.

1. The people in my DMS are my customers

A. Most of those people are also in several other dealer’s DMS’s

2. Event Sales add to my bottom line

3. I can use Predictive or modeled data to determine who is in the market

4. If I only had a brand ownership list, it would give me the upper hand in marketing

A. This may be true for Service marketing, but not for sales

5. Traffic = Sales

6. Having my sales people take ‘control’ of potential customers will produce more sales

7. Answering questions with actual answers make for a weak sales person

8. Pissing people off is the way to success

9. ‘Be-Backs’ never come back

Truth #1 for marketing in the Automobile Dealership world: People buy on their own schedule.

Truth #1 for sales in the Automobile Dealership world: People buy from whom they want to buy and what they want to buy.

Both of the above have exceptions. However, modeling your processes around those exceptions is a good way to lose market share.

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