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In Marketing – There is NO SILVER BULLET

Stop looking for it, stop trying to make one out of the latest ‘thing’ that you have been sold and let’s put together a road map of how an automotive dealership actually does increase their market share. First: Establish your month to month actual market share. Look at the monthly sales of new and used…

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Market share

The 2 best ways to measure the success of direct marketing

No, the first one is not how many people came in with a mailer or to get a premium. That would be called anecdotal evidence; we’re looking for actual quantified results of your performance in relationship to how much you spend. 1. Determine the ratio of INFLUENCE the direct marketing against your dollars spent. INFLUENCE…

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As an organization, Crossroads is the kiss!

A wedding is nothing more than a bunch of people dressed up and staring at each other until that magic moment when the bride and groom say their vows, put the rings, on and kiss! ┬áIt’s only 10% of the whole ceremony but it’s what everyone remembers. It’s important to know what we sell and…

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