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1.  a repeated or additional performance of an item at the end of a concert, as called for by an audience.

If you are a current Partner of Crossroads or someone that has observed us from a distance you know that we march to the beat of a different drum than most companies.  While organizations hire us because we deliver great numbers, the true believers understand that we deliver a unique culture than most vendors that drives those numbers and ultimately drives their brand value.  We don’t call our Clients by that name but rather we call them Partners because we believe in the power of great relationships founded on a set of core values that focus on the people, process, and passion of an organization instead of just hard numbers.  Now we’ve taken that same focus and extended it to a new side of the automotive dealership.  We call it Crossroads Encore.


Crossroads 24/7 Concierge brings a unique first impression on the website through targeted invitations that use chat and text messaging to start a conversation.  Customers end up coming into the dealer to purchase.  Once they purchase they have just begun what we hope is a lifelong relationship with us but its up to us to maintain that relationship.  Enter Crossroads Encore.  It’s a data driven outbound call center (aka WOW-center) that targets retention objectives.  Here’s how it works:


  1. Know your customer

    You’d be surprised how many opportunities exist within your existing customer database and the database of your OEM.  This is where Encore starts.  We perform a complimentary Retention Audit to find out what your database looks like.  Dealers large and small have an untold amount of opportunity.  Even the ones with sizable BDC’s.  The Retention Audit will tell us how much total opportunity and will tell us exactly what stage of life the customer is in and the specific context of their vehicle.  Are they a new customer that has never had an RO?  Do they qualify for any warranties or recalls?  Do they have a Major service due?  Are they due for a next service appointment?  Are they orphans?   Encore will categorize your data into dozens of various & trackable Customer Context Codes.


  2. Define a plan

    Part of the Retention Audit is also to get to know your current people and processes.  Once we have the data to match we will help craft a customized plan to go after all the opportunity in your database.  This is where our Customer Concierge team comes in.  They will help facilitate targeted outbound calls and marketing to the Customer Context Codes that aren’t being handled by your on-site team.  Part of the plan will be focused on how to grow your service drive and/or your service Business Development Center.  Over time as we grow the budget by bringing in more Gross Profit we can help grow a BDC from the outside.  Just like scaffolding helps build the building, Crossroads Encore helps build the fixed operations of a dealer.


  3. Execute, Measure, Adjust

    You’d be surprised how stores have procesess in place but no way to measure the results.  Just like in advertising, we know half of our activity works and half doesn’t…we just don’t know which half.  This leads to random acts of activity.  Encore solves that.

    The most powerful part about Encore outside of the Concierge Team is the reporting.  We tie all activity and dollars down to the Repair Order.  Each report shows exactly where your Customer Concierge Team is closing RO’s and generating GP$ so we can intelligently grow Fixed Ops.  As we add more Customer Context Codes we measure them!


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The goals for Encore are simple:

  1. Create a stellar customer experience
  2. Improve Retention
  3. Improve CSI
  4. Increase RO’s
  5. Increase GP$


We’d love to chat more with you about it.  Click here to visit our product page and find out how to get a FREE Retention Audit for your store today.

Posted on July 8, 2015 in Customer Service

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