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Do you know your true market share?  You may think so.  However I have found that many dealers and retailers alike measure themselves against the wrong benchmark.  This usually is due to the fact that reports that tell them their market share are usually produced by the brand owners.  That being the case most of the dealers I run into think that their market share is defined by how many of the same brand products they sold in their DMA as a percentage of the entire products sold in the same brand.  Well anyone that’s taken Marketing 101 knows that’s just simply not true.  If I’m selling bubble gum in a market should I only measure how much my store sells of only my brand of bubble gum or how many pieces of bubble gum I sell compared to all the bubble gum sold?  Make sense?

Here’s what Wikipedia defines it as: “Market share is the percentage of a market(defined in terms of either units or revenue) accounted for by a specific entity.”

So here’s the question.  Do you know your true market share and your true market share trend?  If not Crossroads is offering a free market share assessment to a limited number of franchise dealers.



Here’s a sample


Marke share sample 2

Marke share sample 1


And they say you can’t get anything free anymore.  Fill out the form below to enter your dealer for a chance to receive a free market share report.


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