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Wondering What’s Happening in the world of WOW? Here’s a story that is about going above and beyond!   Keith opened the chat looking for a new Honda Accord that was safe and reliable so that one day, when his son is old enough to drive, he can pass the car along to him. Corrie…

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Wondering what’s happening in the world of WOW? Here’s a conversation filled with good will!     This conversation was filled with good will between Sanjeev and Cathy, as well as Sanjeev’s affection for our client. You see, Sanjeev is a return customer and was surprised and elated to encounter a live person more than…

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Wondering what’s happening in the world of WOW? Being quick to research specific customer needs is a way we take online customer service to the next level.   Annette requested to chat with many questions about how she might trade in her current vehicle for a new one and keep the payments about the same.…

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Raising the bar for customer service

Retention through service: The WOW Effect

   Here at Crossroads, the most important people involved are, you, our clients. No matter how good we do our jobs, it all means nothing if it weren’t for your business. You are the demographic we truly aim to serve, but the only way we can prove ourselves to you is through the highest-quality service…

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