TGIT: Thank Goodness It’s Today!


     “Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape from.”- Seth Godin  

     Good ‘ol Godin hit the nail right on the head.  In fact, we at Crossroads not only believe it theoretically but live it daily.  Most people wait until the weekend to escape from their dreary lives. Crossroads customer service makes everyday an enjoyable adventure.

     Most of us live in a culture that commonly advocates “living for the weekend”.  Most people get up, drag themselves to work, clock in, clock out, go to bed… and repeat… All the while waiting and begging for it to be the weekend!  The problem here is that they are missing something… a fresh perspective.  Waiting for the weekend only gets you so far, and it’s an exhausting week getting there!  In reality, “waiting” equates to inactive daydreaming… not “living the dream”.  If I wait for my dreams to come to me, I most-likely are primarily concerned about myself and what’s in it for ME…and not what I can do to make another person’s day.  If I let this type of thinking drive my life, it won’t end well.  Your life will stay the same.  You will end up frustrated.  In essence, to sit and stare at a dream to become real by itself is absurd.

Crossroads: making everyday experiences into extraordinary moments…

     If anything, I would love to encourage you.  I’m reminded of a famous latin phrase, “Carpe diem.”  This translates to, “Seize the day.”  What does this mean?  It means we were all made for more than the weekend.  We are members of the human race.  We weren’t meant to simply survive and carry about wishing for something that will never come.  We were made to take today and use it to the best of our abilities!  This is what we at Crossroads deeply believe and actively live.  We are living the dream!

     Our dream is to help you in anyway we can.  We want to take an everyday experience and make it truly extraordinary!  Making your day, makes ours.  TGIT! Thank Goodness It’s Today!  Checkout what is happening in the world of WOW customer service and contact us at

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